New site!

Hello all,

The hosting company has moved our site to a new server. As a result, the site needed to be completely rebuilt on a more secure platform. I still have some items to put back in their places, but all in due time.  The cams are back and that’s what really matters.  🙂

The site is now running on a WordPress back-end so it will be more interactive, if you’d like to comment.  Just click the login link to register an account and use the forum and comments.

Speaking of the forum, I know the it’s been pretty lifeless over the past year or so, but I was able to import all the old content to the new forum.  Unfortunately the original authors did not transfer, but at least the info is still there if anyone is interested.  Nope, scratch that, something happened, it all appears to be gone. 🙁

That’s it for now, hope you enjoy the new site and thanks for stopping by.